A Sonatina in F Major

Click the link for a A Sonatina in F Major: https://fabulaargentea.com/index.php/article/a-sonatina-in-f-major-by-zoe-sutton-harris/

This is a wonderful, insightful, and fascinating story. I love that it unfolds from the perspective of the piano. As someone who has played the piano all of my life, I totally bonded with your piano. Kudos to you, Zoë Sutton Harris, for bringing this story to life! -Marcia S.

This story blew me away. I felt like I was right there with this piano all the way... no, I felt like I WAS the piano! I'd give anything to be as gifted a writer as you, Zoë Sutton Harris. -Neil L.

I am a fan of fiction that has an historical framework so I truly enjoyed this short story. It is very well written and telling the story from the piano’s perspective was so creative. I found myself rooting for the piano and the ending actually brought tears to my eyes. Well done! I look forward to reading your memoir. Thank you! -Donna M.

Your story is so rich, emotional, and entertaining. You are a gifted writer and I look forward to more stories as your writing evolves. I have no doubt your upcoming memoir of growing up in Canada will be equally, if not more, touching and entertaining. Thanks for the time I know it took to polish this story and the gift of your talent. -Robin G.

What an entertaining read! I loved the personification of the piano intermingled with the great history of San Francisco. I especially loved the magical, heartwarming ending. It left me smiling. I’m so happy you’re sharing your talent with the world and am truly looking forward to your memoir! -Kathleen H.